Resistor and Switch Attenuator Circuit Transfer Calculator

This web page provides a calculation tool to analyse an electrical circuit consisting of resistors and switches (relays) of any topology. For each potential combination of switch states (open/close), it determines the voltage transfer ratio (the attenuation in dB) from input to output, and the input and output resistances of the circuit.

The analysis results are shown in graphs further down in this page, as well as in table format. If so desired, the table could be copied into a program like excel for further filtering or graphics.

Circuit definition input

The program for analyzing switch-resistor circuits takes as input a textual 'netlist' file, in a 'spice'-like format. That means: Such a text-file can be created with your familiar text editor, or with a real schematic editor. You can cut-and-paste the created text into the text-box below to replace the example text:

Trigger actions

Circuit messages from input parsing

Calculated attenuation in graph form

Calculated impedances in graph form

Calculated transfer in table form

generated table comes here

Jos van Eijndhoven, October 2023,
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